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Pets aid in recovery

on May 6, 2013




These are pets that live at Masada house. Now why would i think this is important to this particular topic – transitional living for women recovering from substance abuse in San Juan County,  New Mexico?  According to the addiction recovery guide the many benefits known to aid those in physical therapy programs that use animals as a part of therapy are also beneficial to those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.  This includes benefits such as lowered or reduced heart rate and blood pressure,  increased beta-endorphin levels, decreased feelings of stress, anger, tension,  and anxiety, improved social functioning,  & increased feelings of empowerment, trust,  patience, & self-esteem (   These are all things that are worked toward during the recovery and transition process.  The pets that live at Masada house are an integral part of recovery and are much loved by the residents.


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