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5K flyer

To help aid in the active recovery of women in a transitional living setting recovering from drug and alcohol abuse we are hosting the RUN FOR RECOVERY on May 18th, 2013. Please join us in this recovery event!

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lack of presence for Masada House

It is a sad day today that I report to you the findings of my search for online content for Masada House… it’s next to nuthin!

There are the occasional mentions on various websites that list non-profit information – sort of the online yellow pages for non-profits.  These are sites like

If you have not looked up your non-profit organization on any of these it’s worth taking a look!

And of  course there is the occasional write up in the local newspaper.

The only dedicated resource that I have found thus far for Masada House in Farmington New Mexico is its website which can be seen at  Please take a few minutes and check it out!


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back to beginnings

I thought I might take a few minutes to revisit information I had posted on mama4education since I started this project via that route but have since moved to a blog dedicated to the Masada Project.

Here is my proposed editorial calendar so you can preview what I have in the coming weeks

Goals for the Masada House Project

I hope this helps you see the journey I have started here and get a feel for what will be coming soon!

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recovery is what you make it

The mission of Masada House is ultimately to help participants achieve life-long recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Part of recovery is making changes – changes to life style, changes in friendships, and changes most importantly within the self. I came across this youtube video The Woman I Meant to Be by Gracie VanDiver and David Rivers. It’s an illustration in song of the goals that the women of Masada House are working toward. I hope you find it inspirational.

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Who is Masada House

Welcome all to my new blog – this is the beginning of my final project for CJ393 but I am creating a new blog in the hopes that this can be an ongoing contribution to the Masada House Organization.

So – what in the world is Masada House? Masada is an organization dedicated to the recovery of women in the Four Corners area who are on the road of transition from substance abuse to lifelong recovery.

picture courtesy of

picture courtesy of

Located in San Juan County, New Mexico, Masada House provides an opportunity to female residents that are in need of transitional living services as they continue on their journey of life-long recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

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